Barcherattacksforcoc gets the job done!

About Me

For the past years, I have been playing Clash of clans and learned a lot of techniques using my troops to the fullest it's either for farming resources or during clan wars.

"Barcher" farming strategy that may make over 1,000,000 resources per hour WITHOUT gemming, I trust you appreciate it and please leave feedback, THANKS!

1. Military Composition
Your military contains mostly archers and barbarians because you may understand in the title.

2. Assaulting strategy
To begin with you should first recognize even though it's also effective at getting resources from storages although much less efficiently, this strategy is especially made to be utilized against bases which have their resources in their own collectors. Firstly area down several archers to entice possible clan castle troops and use your lightning spell if their is many troops one they're grouped up together, then begin to sign up for the collectors ( use wall breakers if desired )with mostly archers plus some barbarians if essential, you then need to be planning to remove other buildings that are badly shielded to get up to 50 percent after which leave. In case your raid goes badly as well as your troops are dying readily you then possibly use a rage spell and could send in your barbarian king if you've got one.

To get into storages efficiently it is suggested to make use of a rage spell and a barbarian king. Firstly send in a few archers to entice them using exactly the same technique as section number 2, ( read for the best way to entice the troops ) then set about 20
Archers to take out buildings outside the walls to remove a couple, which means that your barbarians could possibly enter the base. If you would like to get 50 percent with this specific technique don't place all your troops down like said in the final sentence and instead conserve about 10-15 archers to take out buildings which are badly defended.

Please watch the sample video below for barchers attack.